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  Choosing the correct sign can be very confusing.

What size sign?     What color sign?
What type of sign?

  Those are just a few of the questions that our staff can help you answer. Signs can be made from a wide variety of products. Vinyl Graphics can be applied to most smooth surfaces. Your sign can vary in shape, size and materials used to construct it. The follow descriptions will help you understand more about the differences in sign material so that you will have a better understanding of what you are looking for. Of Course, you can always call, email, text, send a carrier pigeon or come by our Corbin Kentucky location for professional help.

Professional Installation & Landscaping

  We can install all of the signs we make. You also have the option of installing the sign yourself. If you're looking for professional landscaping to highlight your new sign, we can do that too.

Magnetic Signs

  Portable, non-permanent signs for your vehicle. Commonly used for vehicles that do not need to be marked all the time. Use your truck to work during the day and for personal use after hours. Magnetic material comes most commonly in white. But it can be covered in your choice of colors so we can match your logo or blend better with your vehicle. Magnetic Signs can be used on anything a magnet with stick too.



  One of the most common types of temporary signs are banners. Banners are most commonly available in 2ft, 3ft & 4ft heights. Custom sizes can be made in most any size. Banners can be made with grommets, D-rings, Pole-Pockets, Twine or Webbing. You can have your banner decorated on just one side or both sides.

Vehicle Graphics & Decals

  Vehicle Graphics are signs on wheels. Only limited by your imagination, they can range from simple pin striping to full body coverage. Company Logo's are among the most common uses for vehicle graphics. Common uses also include Company Vehicles, Vans, Box Trucks, Semi Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, & Race Cars. This is a great way to get your companies name and image to a huge amount of potential customers.

Window Graphics

  Used primarily to identify your business. Your can put your business name on your window in addition to or instead of a road sign. Common uses include business hours, phone number, internet address and specials offered. Window Graphics are limited to your imagination. They are also relatively easy to remove if you decide to change them.

Yard Signs  (Political Signs, Real Estate Signs, etc...)

  They are everywhere! Commonly called Political Signs or Plastic Cardboard Signs. Here is your low cost, temporary sign solution. Reach more of an audience on a limited budget. Yard Signs commonly come 18" Tall X 24" Wide. We can provide you with the basic wire stakes or the more professional real estate sign frames. These are a temporary type signs with about a one year life.


  Dimensional Lettering & Logos  
    This is one of the most professional ways to put signage on your business. They add that 3 dimensional look to your sign. We use Gemini lettering because of their quality and lifetime guarantee. You have the choice of several materials to choose from, Plastic, Metal and Acrylic. You can have your business logo made with the same lifetime warranty offered on their lettering. Visit our Gemini page to learn more about this superior sign product.  


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